Arts in Beech Grove: Culture in the Fast-Slow Lane

While Beech Grove, Indiana is a suburb of Indianapolis with a separate identity in its own right, the town is located well within the circle which I-465 draws around the state capital. Art and culture are perfect examples of the melding of Indy amenities with those in the suburbs.

There is so much excellent Indianapolis culture, not much need for it has cropped up in the outlying cities. Some of the nearest Indianapolis art galleries to Beech Grove are: Alias Gallery & Store, Excellent Virtu Art Gallery, Ruschman Art Gallery, Kauba Gallery, Franklin Barry Gallery, 4 Man Studios, the famous Eiteljorg Museum of American Art and the Indiana State Museum.

Other little towns close to Beech Grove offer art galleries, too, such as the Off-Broadway Gallery in Greenwood, Indiana, and the Pro-Art Gallery, also in Greenwood.

What all this means to Beech Grove citizens is that they get the best of both worlds. Beech Grove arts are every bit as connected to Indianapolis arts as every other aspect of life in the fast-slow lane of Central Indiana.

One of the major cultural forces in the town of Beech Grove is a group called the Spotlight Players, a well-known, well-respected performing arts organization. As a center for the enjoyment of the theatre, be it behind the footlights or in front of them, this company has been a unifying force in downtown Beech Grove for many years.