Better Brighter Beech Grove: Urban Development Gone Right

Beech Grove, Indiana is the recipient of a multi-million dollar revitalization project they’re calling the Better Brighter Beech Grove Project. Big plans for this city, an extension of state capital Indianapolis, have been underway for a while, and are starting to pay off in big dividends that affect Beech Grove business, Beech Grove real estate, and all the residents of the city.

Below are brief descriptions of the eight different projects that comprise the Better Brighter Beech Grove Project:

Beech Grove Parks Plan

The community and its city planners hold the local Beech Grove Parks and Recreation programs as among its most valuable assets. The master plan for local parks will upgrade and expand the city’s greenways in numerous ways, such as creating a new entrance to Sarah Bolton Park and updating the city’s eligibility for the various grants necessary to maintain its parks.

Emerson Avenue Plan

The Emerson Avenue project is considered a crucial one to the growth of Beech Grove. Connecting with downtown Beech Grove, Emerson Avenue is the welcoming road to Main Street. The enhancements planned include beautification upgrades, striking signage and other constructs which will improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow.

Greenway Master Plan

Greenways to unite the town’s residences and  commercial areas with its parks will serve to bring the community together in a way that nothing else really can, much like the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. This work is ongoing, and revolves around the creation of off-street pathways.

Main Street

The community of Beech Grove is serious about the revitalization of its heart and core, Main Street. The project will improve parking and traffic flow, accessibility and pedestrian walkways, to create a pedestrian-friendly downtown district connecting to Emerson Avenue as well as the Greenway.

Railroad Property

The master plan for the Railroad Property in Beech Grove is designed to produce thousands of industrial jobs. The economic growth potential is enormous, and this plan, which is being worked on by the CSX and the mayor conjointly, will take advantage of a 240-acre parcel of Amtrak/CSX property that now lies dormant.

Sports & Recreation Park

The Beech Grove Sports & Recreation Park project aims to convert an unsightly former landfill into an expanded park area with a recreational facility and sites for businesses. New athletic fields, picnic areas, trails and parking will cover some 36 underdeveloped acres, beautify the city, give Beech Grove kids a place to play and enhance Beech Grove in general.

I-465 Commercial Property

The high visibility of this property imparts great potential benefit for Beech Grove. The goal is to create an entrance to the community that is as warmly inviting as it is practical.

Hornet’s Net

This project has a goal of creating a digital city of Beech Grove by implementing wireless high-speed Internet access throughout the community at reasonable rates.