Beech Grove History: From Rails to Recycling

Beech Grove history reads like a chapter in a pioneer book about the making of the Midwest. The city of Beech Grove originated as a base for a repair facility owned by the “Big Four” railroads. Amtrak presently runs the rails in town. The railroad was an enormous influence all throughout the Indiana, especially in the greater Indianapolis area, and Beech Grove was no exception.

Beech Grove was, however, slow to take off as a community. Although official incorporation came in 1906, it was not until 1908 that it began to expand from its tiny stop-off standing, with only two businesses and four homes at the time. Today, a century later, it boasts a comfortable population of 15,000, which is rising year by year.

The Beech Grove Public Library maintains a History Room that houses a good collection of newspaper, photographic and other types of memorabilia, including historical information about Beech Grove Schools and life in Beech Grove in general, across the years. You can find much to investigate about the history of Beech Grove at this venerable learning facility.