Attractions Are Family-Oriented in Beech Grove, Indiana

Within its pleasant suburban neighborhoods, there are lots of Beech Grove attractions to make the city more than worthwhile for a brief visit or a lifetime stay.

Beech Grove is a family-oriented community and as such, the Beech Grove attractions are mainly for the families. Chief among them are the Beech Grove Bowl and the Expo Bowl which, though it maintains an address in Indianapolis, is closer to the Beech Grove borders than those of next door Indianapolis.

The long-standing Beech Grove Bowl is open 24/7, a tribute to its success. With 80 lanes, the Expo Bowl can accommodate pretty much any size group and any type of bowler, from adult to child, novice to pro. Bowling for Beech Grove kids includes spectacular fun such as glow-in-the-dark Cosmic Bowling and Laser Storm, a laser tag activity kids of all ages generally go berserk over.

Speaking of the Beech Grove kids, they are lucky enough to have a public Skate Park to practice the fine art of skateboarding and trick bicycle riding in an excellent, safe venue.

Another main gathering place that is considered a Beech Grove attraction is, surprisingly, the Beech Grove Public Library. With its constant offerings of activities, contests, clubs and various gatherings, not to mention the books, tapes and CDs available, the library at Beech Grove ends up being a popular hangout for adults and kids alike. There’s also a gift shop and the quaint Dining Car Cafe, both part and parcel of the library hub.

Great car shows, charity events and combinations of the two occur frequently in Beech Grove and tend to attract a good share of interested parties from miles around.

The city is on the move, as well, and town fathers (and mothers) are determined to enhance every aspect of life for the residents who make their home and raise their families there. City recreational facilities and Beech Grove parks are undergoing expansion, and there is a “Greenway Project” well underway that will connect the community and give it a close-knit, active atmosphere.

Beech Grove, Indiana benefits greatly from its proximity to the goings-on in Indy. The community of Beech Grove is located just a few miles east of major Indianapolis attractions such as the historic Hannah House, the Morris-Butler House Museum, the up-and-coming Fountain Square cultural district and energetic downtown Indianapolis.