Grove Sports Bar & Eatery

The Grove Sports Bar & Eatery is an active restaurant-bar in Beech Grove, which is an Indianapolis suburb in Central Indiana. This is one of those neighborhood bars that’s always just chock full of friendship on all sides. Prices are good, service is smiley, and there’s lots to do if you’d rather not just sit […]

Silver Bullet Sports Bar Rocks Beech Grove in the Southside

The Silver Bullet Sports Bar is one of those accessible, friendly neighborhood bars that abound in the hospitable Hoosier country. Doesn’t look like much on the outside, but boy, does it rock on the inside. The Silver Bullet Sports Bar can be found on the east side of Beech Grove, a suburb of Indianapolis in […]

Beech Grove History: From Rails to Recycling

Beech Grove history reads like a chapter in a pioneer book about the making of the Midwest. The city of Beech Grove originated as a base for a repair facility owned by the “Big Four” railroads. Amtrak presently runs the rails in town. The railroad was an enormous influence all throughout the Indiana, especially in […]

O’Gara’s Irish Pub: Friendly Fun with Guinness on Tap in Beech Grove, Indiana

With Guinness right on tap and a nice full bar selection, a pool table, games, a jukebox, television, pleasant company and a laid-back atmosphere, O’Gara’s Irish Pub is just what you want your neighborhood bar to be. It’s located right on Main Street in Beech Grove, a Southside Indianapolis suburb. Though the town is often […]