Business in Bigger, Brighter Beech Grove

Beech Grove businesses have gained enormously from recent progress resulting from the multi-million dollar, integrated “Bigger, Brighter Beech Grove” project. No doubt this far-reaching rejuvenation program will not come into its full fruition for generations, but it has begun with a bang, and optimism is high.

The central business district is a main section of the revitalization project. Two new, enormous Beech Grove towers at the Emerson Gateway entrance to the city’s business district serve as landmarks for visitors and residents. The Main Street revitalization stretches from Emerson Avenue to include the Post Office, City Hall, the Library, Elementary School and Greenway Trail.

Improved pedestrian travel ways and off-street parking lots, along with visual improvements in alleyways, landscaping, sidewalk plazas for civic activities such as parades and festivals are all part of the revitalization plan, too.

With some 15,000 residents and a prominent, practical location in the southeast corner of Indy, the suburban town of Beech Grove is a natural to benefit from its proximity to big business in Indianapolis, as well as its incorporation as a community in its own right.

Somewhat surprisingly, a recent study put the percentage of commuters at just under 22% of the population, which happens to be the same percentage as those who live and work in Beech Grove. It’s reasonable to assume, then, that Beech Grove provides enough good job opportunities for their citizens to work inside the town, rather than search farther afield, whether it be in Indianapolis or the many other nearby cities in Indiana. Naturally, though, jobs in the big city next door are more plentiful and varied than they are at home. It’s a great advantage for Beech Grove residents to have such options.

The most common types of employment opportunities for businesses in Beech Grove are construction, public administration and education for males, while health care, food and hotel services, finance and insurance and educational services share the talents of the majority of Beech Grove females. From the statistics, it appears that most professional career people find their way to the halls of opportunity among the many Indianapolis businesses.

The biggest providers of jobs in Beech Grove reside within the retail goods industries, with the wholesale trade and manufacturing community running a close second and the health care sector nipping at their heels.

Unemployment, compared to the rest of Indiana, is significantly below the average. All in all, business in Beech Grove is good, just as life in the ‘burbs is good, with lots to do, lots of improvement going on and a good, solid family orientation to build it all around.