Vivacious Downtown Beech Grove, Indiana

Beech Grove, Indiana is a suburb of Indianapolis that has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years. Downtown Beech Grove is one of many charming historic “main street” neighborhoods that dot Central Indiana and the Midwest.

Several Beech Grove restaurants cluster along Main Street in downtown Beech Grove. One, Napoli Villa, is a favorite that attracts diners from miles around to savor its excellent authentic Italian food, considered some of the best in the entire state. Unique shops and specialty Beech Grove businesses in downtown Beech Grove also provide some fun Beech Grove shopping.

Another very popular spot on Main Street is The Silver Bullet Bar and Restaurant, where you can kick up your heels after hours enjoying live Beech Grove music, karaoke, and good food and drink.


The new Better, Brighter Beech Grove renovation project is designed to revitalize several different sections of the city, and downtown Beech Grove is one of them. Lots of different improvements are in the works, including enhanced off-street parking and increased pedestrian access, to create a welcoming, pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

Downtown Beech Grove is located only a few miles from teeming Indianapolis, and shares some common streets and roadways. For that reason, a trip to downtown Indianapolis will often make sense to residents, who are lucky enough to enjoy the best of both small-town and big city living.