Media in Beech Grove, Indiana


The people who choose to live in the sometimes sleepy, sometimes scintillating Indiana city of Beech Grove are happy to be there. With all the amenities of Indianapolis at their fingertips, and virtually none of the oppressive big-city atmosphere, how could they complain?

Media in Beech Grove are well-covered by the nearby television and radio stations, and the Indianapolis magazines and newspapers, such as the IndyStar, Indianapolis Monthly and Indianapolis Business Journal, frequently make mention of newsworthy events in Beech Grove. Beech Grove media also has its own Comcast access channel for Cable TV.
The Beech Grove society has its very own paper, however, in which all the intimate details fit to print are collected and published. The Southside Times, headquartered in Beech Grove, is a popular, free newspaper that comes out weekly. The paper, originally called the Perry Township Weekly, does a good job of keeping Beech Grove residents up to date on the goings on around them.

Accommodating the growing demand for online information, the Beech Grove Southside Times produces a very nice, interactive online magazine called The New Southside Times.” Want to know how to keep cottontails out of your garden? Or find coupons for local Beech Grove businesses and services? Stay home and click, it’s easy!

Searching for a comprehensive listing of all the media serving the Beech Grove area and far beyond? See this excellent Fun City Finder Indianapolis media directory article.