Music Moves the Mini-Masses in Small Town Beech Grove, Indiana

Music in Beech Grove maintains an active presence, and constitutes an important part of the character of Beech Grove society in general. Not only are there several Beech Grove bars and restaurants offering live music for dancing and enjoyment, there are many professional musicians in and around town, whose groups are frequently supplemented by Indianapolis bands and other Indiana music aficionados.

Places for live music in Beech Grove

Grove Sports Bar & Eatery
3206 S Emerson Av
Along with  games and good food, the Grove Sports Bar puts on some fantastic live music for listening, dancing and carousing in general.
Hogan’s Pub
104 N 2nd Av
People go to Hogan’s from Indianapolis and other nearby cities in Indiana, just for the karaoke, which is rumored to be one of the best of its kind in greater Indy.
O’Gara’s Irish Pub is a fun, friendly neighborhood bar with a jukebox that’s as busy as the bartenders.
Silver Bullet Sports Bar
410 Main St
The Silver Bullet Sports Bar in Beech Grove regularly brings in bands for dancing. They also have a fun karaoke group and a great juke box.

Apart from the local clubs and Beech Grove restaurants that offer musical diversion, Beech Grove is also home to music lovers who frequently promote through various Beech Grove events. You’ll hear about the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra‘s Women’s Committee’s South Group producing a fund-raising brunch, for example, or a concert in a garden to benefit a worthy Indianapolis charity.

Holidays in Beech Grove are as bedecked with music as lights and tinsel. Then there’s the  grassroots-inspired Fall Festival in Beech Grove, featuring lots of good food to go along with the great live music offered over the span of four full, fun-packed days in September. Hear the likes of the Eastern Wing Band, Vinnie and the Moochers Band and My Sweet Fall Band while you enjoy the other sights, sounds and flavors of the festival.