Nightlife in Beech Grove, Indiana

Beech Grove bars and restaurants offer abundant choices for nightlife activities on the town. Those who enjoy experiencing small-town America nightlife in Beech Grove should head to The Grove Sports Bar & Eatery at 3206 South Emerson Ave.  Other over-21 locations include O’Gara’s Irish Pub at 522 Main Street, and Locomotion Sports Inc. at 343 South 1st Ave.  The Silver Bullet, located at 410 Main Street, regularly features karaoke and live Beech Grove music in its popular, if modest, setting.

If you’re looking for after-dark entertainment with a twist, you may enjoy a night at the Beech Grove Bowl at 95 North 2nd Ave.  Often referred to as “The Friendly House,” the locally-owned establishment has been offering 24/7 bowling opportunities for more than 50 years.

Beech Grove nightlife is, of course, intimately linked to the fabulous nightlife in Indianapolis, its big city neighbor. Beech Grove is a suburb within the inner city borders of Indianapolis.

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