Beech Grove Shopping

Beech Grove shopping is a pleasant exercise, especially along Main Street in downtown Beech Grove. Improvements are being wrought in the smallish Indianapolis suburb which will enhance several different sections for years to come, and the downtown area of Beech Grove, Indiana is a primary case in point.

The movement behind these enhancement plans is called the Better, Brighter Beech Grove Project. This sweeping renovation and improvement plan is a multi-million dollar effort to make a model city out of various areas of Beech Grove.

Shopping will benefit, along with employment, Beech Grove education, Beech Grove business and Beech Grove real estate. In very short order, a drive into town along Emerson Avenue or a stroll down Main Street will be among the most inviting ways to spend time in Beech Grove and its environs.

In addition to local commercial businesses and services, Beech Grove citizens are fortunate in living within minutes of two of the most prominent Indianapolis shopping malls: Circle Centre Mall and the Greenwood Park Mall.



The Circle Center Mall is in fact one of the premier shopping centers in the entire state of Indiana. Located in downtown Indianapolis, it is less than ten miles northwest of Beech Grove. The Greenwood Park Mall lies due south of Beech Grove, only about a ten mile drive away. Also a first-class shopping center, this mall is located in nearby Greenwood, Indiana.