Beech Grove Society, a Self-Sufficient, Friendly Community

The Midwest city of  Beech Grove has grown into its own comparatively recently. It is an essential part of Marion County, which is also home to the bustling city of Indianapolis. Of the sixteen municipalities residing inside Marion County, only four have fully autonomous governments: Beech Grove, Lawrence, Southport and Speedway. Beech Grove society, then, wields considerable influence when it comes to the ways and means with which the county’s communities decide to govern things.

While there is superficially very little distinction these days between Beech Grove and the Circle City, since the urban part of Indy has sprawled its way inexorably closer to Beech Grove, many street names change when they cross the border, and the numbering system for the addresses is different from that of Indianapolis. The Beech Grove community pays for its own fire, parks and police departments too, as well as maintaining a fine public library and center for senior citizens. The Beech Grove educational system is likewise self-contained and self-sufficient.

Beech Grove society includes local chapters of the tried and true social organizations, Kiwanis and Lions Club, as well as a Masons lodge and an active American Legion post. One of the most enthusiastic organizations within Beech Grove society is called the Beech Grove Promoters Club, now in existence for over a half-century. This group plans and carries out the major Beech Grove events.

All this self-sufficiency, plus an individualistic history gives a certain flavor to the character of Beech Grove. It also lends an atmosphere of empowerment that is surprising, when you notice that the city is completely surrounded by the capital of Indiana.

Beech Grove residents like it like that. Family-oriented, fiercely patriotic and laid-back, the town takes care of its own in the way only a small but thriving community in the middle of the Heartland can do.