Sports in the Sweet, Sporty Society of Beech Grove

Beech Grove is an active community and Beech Grove sports reflect that fact. Far from remaining a simple extension of Indianapolis, the capital city which surrounds it, Beech Grove has a flair and verve all its own.

It helps that the Beech Grove education system is self-contained and self-sufficient, and that the Beech Grove parks department nicely fulfills the other needs for sporting facilities in the community. Hornets logo, Beech Grove, Indiana

The Beech Grove High School is represented by its black-and-gold clad Hornets. True to the long tradition of Indiana‘s obsession with basketball, the Beech Grove Hornets have taken home their fair share of trophies in basketball competitions.

The city has football, tennis, baseball and all the other usual athletic groups. Wrestling, however, is the big thing in Beech Grove sports, reaping the most awards, the most consistently.

Beech Grove Invitational Wrestling finals on the Hornets’ floor;
check out the style!


Organizations outside the school system that support youth athletics include the Beech Grove Girls’ Softball Association, the Beech Grove Little League, the Beech Grove Wrestling Club, the Beech Grove Soccer Club and the Beech Grove Swimming Club.

And of course, a great place to gather and enjoy other Beech Grove sports enthusiasts would be at the Grove Sports Bar & Eatery, where you can while away the hours with games, sports on the screen and good pub food. Hang out some evening after a Beech Grove wrestling match and take in some professional Indianapolis sports while you’re all pumped up. This unusual Beech Grove restaurant-bar also regularly brings in live music for listening, dancing and just rocking out. It’s a place to unload all that excess energy and wind down after an exciting game or match.