Spotlight Players

The Spotlight Players are an integral part of Beech Grove, Indiana’s cultural scene; for five years they have produced a variety of plays with local actors. They are an Indianapolis nonprofit organization that was first organized in Hendricks County eight years ago. In 2003, this Indianapolis performing arts group relocated to Beech Grove, where they have found several years of monumental success. Now they are located in the heart of downtown Beech Grove.

Each season, from October to August, this Indianapolis theater produces six shows. They make the magic happen thanks to a seven member board with theatrical training and a handful of volunteers. They find their stars of the stage at Beech Grove schools such as Beech Grove High School, and various other places. All ages from 2 to 92 are welcome to audition for their shows each season. Spotlight Players welcomes new blood as a way to keep itself fresh from season to season.

Spotlight Players is a member of the Indianapolis Encore Association. This Indianapolis art organization is a group of Indiana theatre troupes that submit themselves and their shows to judges. In the past Spotlight Players has won awards for scenic design, directing, acting, and best overall productions. One year Spotlight Players racked up 23 Encore nominations in one season, a difficult feat, and one to be proud of for sure.

It is the Spotlight Players mission not only to add to Beech Grove attractions by providing entertainment, but to enrich the lives of those who come into the sphere of Spotlight Players. Often times an entire family will participate in a show, bringing them closer together, teaching problem solving, conflict resolution, and strengthening them in a bond over a job well done. By giving people the ability to learn confidence in public speaking and social skills, the Spotlight Players are hoping to make their corner of the world a little better, by making the people better.

Spotlight Players definitely ascribes to the idea that doing theatre can be therapeutic. This is why they also try to involve the elderly community in their plays. Giving people a reason to feel important, needed, and part of a team helps to adjust overall attitudes towards the positive spectrum. At Spotlight Players, theatre brings people and families together.

Spotlight hopes to continue its role in the Beech Grove community as an educational and artisitc resource, which introduces people of all ages to live theatre. With the idea that the cultural diversity of theatrical literature focuses on the enhancemnet and appreciation of the human condition, Spotlight Players are dedicated to providing high quality theatrical entertainment. In addition, they are committed to offering volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of Beech Grove people. At Beech Grove, theatre is for everyone!

Spotlight Players Theatre
524 Main St
Beech Grove, IN 46107


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